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Teaching objectives

- Study of thermal transfer efficiency in a crushed-tube thermal exchanger and its properties for pasteurization
- Study of a co-/counter-current thermal exchanger
- Study of the following parameters : flow, pasteurisation temperature and recessing duration.
- Calculation of the pasteurizing value
- Study of a temperature controller


Technical specifications

Pilot designed for the pasteurization from 50 to 125 L/hr for 85°C (milk for example)
The pasteurizer is made of three zones:
1. preheating: inlet product / outlet product exchanger
2. pasteurizer: tubular heat exchanger - product / water
3. cooling: tubular heat exchanger - product / water. The 304 stainless steel circuit (SMS standards) including:
- a recessing zone
- a stainless steel / glass flow meter, needle display (product supply circuit)
- a diversion valve at the exit of the pasteurization zone
- a centrifugal pump
- 4 Pt100 temperature probes, 3 thermometers
- a disk recorder
- a diversion valve depending on temperature measurement
- an overpressured (110°C) hot water production unit (10 kW) equipped with a controller displaying measurement and pasteurization temperature setpoint,
- an electrical cabinet including pump control and safety, a temperature controller, the 2 temperature displays and the paper recorder.

- A 304 stainless steel supply tank connected to the pasteurizer mounted on wheels,
- A 304 stainless steel tank collecting thermostated and agitated tank, with cover. Mounted on wheels
- a volumetric pump for more viscous products (compotes, ketchup etc.)
- a cold water production unit (6 kW) (UT401)
- Calculation of pasteurizing value by software


1 200 x 850 x 1800 mm


Essential requirements

- Power supply: 11 kW – 380 V
- Water supply : DN15, 1 bar
- Permanent water exhaust


MP312 diagrams - click to enlarge :

MP312 SA