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This unit completes the coagulation-flocculation-decanting pilot in order to have drinking water. It is composed of a sand filter and an activated charcoal filter to remove the micro-organisms and the residual colloids from water coming from the sand filter and a chlorine disinfections module.


Teaching objectives

- Study of sand bed porosity.
- Study of water flow in a porous substrate.
- Verification of Darcy’s Law.
- Study of mechanical and chemical filtration
- Study of the parameters of the filtration : Sizes of the filter surfaces, shapes of the filter particles, filtration speed.
- Influence of the feed flowrate on the filtration


Technical specifications

- Feed tank in transparent PVC with drainage and lateral tappings.
- Stirrer with electronic speed variation.
- Two Altuglass columns.
- Centrifugal pump in polypropylene.
- Manometer.
- Supply centrifugal pump.
- Two polythylene tanks.
- A transparent PVC tank with level probes
- Chlorine metering pump.
- Chlorine measurement circuit supply pump.
- 16 Piezometric tubes allowing the measurement of load losses in a sand bed, the tubes are spread out every 5 cm along the sand.
- Board graduated in millimeters to a height of 1300 mm.
- Two 60-600 l/h flowmeters., 5-50 l/h flowmeter.
- Two low levels switches for the pumps (high level security is ensured by overflows).
- Continuous chlorine measuring probe and its transmitter with 4-20 mA output and two relay outputs.
- A compressor for back washing
- The unit is mounted on a stainless steel frame, the piping is in PVC.
- The control panel includes the motor protection of the pumps, circulator
- Two specific activated charcoal



1500 x 800 x 2000 mm


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220 V / single phase / 50 Hz - Power consumption : 500 W max.
Solution of CuSO4 10-3 M with lime (50 mg/l),
Sand bed : H = 60 cm - Int diam = 10 cm Granule size : 0.8 < d < 1 mm


MP32 diagram - click to enlarge :