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Growing public awareness of atmospheric pollution problems such as urban pollution, greenhouse effect, acid rain and ozone layer depletion has led to increasingly severe standards. Current emission standards for hazardous air pollutants are applicable to a great many industrial processes such as household and industrial refuse incineration and oil, gas and coal-fired power generation.

TE1000Today, industry is expected to install and operate suitable emission treatment processes, monitor their efficiencies and be able to upgrade the plant to meet more stringent standards.
The TE1000 Smoke Treatment Pilot Unit provides a complete analysis of emission pollutants and allows students to study several smoke treatment systems based on filtration, cyclones and absorption techniques.
The TE1000 may be ordered as a complete unit, but is also available as two separate but operational parts : the TE1010 “ Study of filters and Separation by Cyclone ” to which may be added the TE1020 “ Study of Absorbtion ”.


Teaching objectives

- Study of pressure drop in the waste gas circuit components
- Measuring filter efficiency and clogging as a function of dust particle size
- Measuring cyclone performance as a function of dust particle size, air flow and pressure drop
- Packed Tower scrubber analysis (NTU, HTU, K)
- Column hydrodynamics
- Study of liquid waste neutralisation
- Measuring efficiency as a function of dust and acid gas concentration and smoke velocity


Technical specifications

Unit for study of filtration and cyclone separation, TE1010 :
- Centrifugal blower
- Air flowmeter
- Pitot type with manometer
- Dust injection system with flow control
- Cyclone in borosilicate glass, diameter 100 mm
- Filter box, with two drawers and a range of filters
- Two U-tube manometers for pressure loss measurements
- Sample of dust of mixed diameters


Dimensions and weight

2 400 x 600 x 2 200 mm – 110 Kg


Essential requirements

Precision balance : 0.1g – 2kg
Vacuum cleaner
Electricity : 220V, 2kW
Water, HCl gas, soda (for TE1020)