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This pilot presents the process of elimination of carbon, nitrogenous and phosphorous pollution, by microbiologic way. The sewage is mixed with a bacterial sludge in the presence of oxygen, followed by a separation phase of the sludge. This is the traitment process by “activated sludge”. The pilot is equipped with a data acquisition system of pH, oxygen and temperature.


Teaching objectives


To obtain the maximum purification output by varying :

  • Volumic and specific load

  • Sludge age

  • Bio flocculate quality

  • Ventilation


Technical specifications

  • White polyethylene supply tank.

  • Stainless steel circulator.

  • Plexiglass oxidation tank.

  • Rushton variable speed stirrer, with display

  • Air injection rod, air diffuser, air pump.

  • One gas rotameter, one liquid rotameter.

  • Two peristaltic pumps to recycle the sludge and the substrate at variable flow

  • Plexiglass sedimentation tank.

  • Collection tank for the purified water with secondary decantation

  • Continuous dissolved oxygen measuring probe with transmitter-regulator. The air pump is controlled by the oxygen measurement.

  • Continuous pH measuring probe with its transmitter with two alarms and 4/20 mA output.

  • A control cabinet regrouping the start/stop controls for the three pumps, circulator, stirrer. Two sequencing units are supplied to plan the working cycles of these elements. The cabinet includes the oxygen, pH and temperature probe transmitters. All the security devices of the pumps and the stirrer.

    • The unit is made from PVC and Plexiglass.


Instrumentation :

  • pH measuring probe with its transmitter

  • Oxygen measuring probe with its transmitter


Data acquisition :

Data acquisition of pH, oxygen

Software with the synoptic of the process. Visualisation displays showing the evolution of the different parameters according to the time on curves and tables forms with saving of the data.



OP1: Red-Ox data acquisition including probe with transmitter and additional interface module

OP2: temperature data acquisition including an immersed heater to maintain the temperature for the micro-organisms. Pt100 probe with its transmitter

OP3: PC computer


Essential requirements

Power supply: 220 V / single phase / 50 Hz

Consumption: less than 1000 W



Activated sludge or enzymes.

Characterized substrate.



(L x w x h) = 1700 x 700 x 2000 mm