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This pilot presents the process of elimination of the carbon, nitrogenous and phosphorated pollutants by microbiological way.


It operates by adding to the sewage a bacterial sludge in presence of oxygen followed by a phase of sludge separation. The oxidation stage is preceded by an anoxia stage, which allows characterisation and differentiation of the stages of denitrification and nitrification
The pilot allow the data acquisition of all the parameters search as pH, O2, temperature, substrate flow, sludge recycling flow, mixed liquor recycling flow and the stirrers speed.
The values of the analyses done in laboratory (COD, BOD, MVS etc....) can be take into account by the student to be processed in the calculation formulas of the flow setting values.

Technical specifications

- A feeding tank in PE with cover (4 to 5 days of autonomy)
- Stainless steel circulator to maintain the substrate in agitation
- An anoxia tank in Altuglass
- An aeration tank in Altuglass
- A clarification tank in Altuglass
- A decantation tank
- A substrate peristaltic feeding pump with timer
- A sludge peristaltic recycling pump with timer
- A mixed liquor peristaltic recycling pump with timer
- Peristaltic pump with fix speed for the dosing of acid / base
- Probes for 0² rate, Ph and temperature.
- A compressor with a needle valve and a manometer
- A PH measurement devise with a tank and a fix flow pump
- Two stirrers with speed control (anoxia and aeration tanks)
- A gas rotameter
- A rotameter for the substrate
- The pilot is made of PVC and Plexiglass on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nut

Instrumentation :
- An oxygen probe with transmitter
- A Red-Ox potential probe with transmitter (option)
- A Pt100 temperature probe with transmitter (option)
- A pH probe with regulator equipped with a RS485 communication card
- Two speed drivers with display of the agitation speed
- A control cabinet including all the probes transmitters (pH, Temperature, Oxygen), the speed drivers with their display, the pumps security devices and all the switches and security devices

Data acquisition system :
- A set of interface modules between the 4-20 mA of the transmitters and the speed drivers and the RS485/RS432 converter. These modules are situated in the electric cabinet
- An RS485/232 converter
- A Labviewâ run-time software including the installation synoptic with real time view of all the parameters.
The experiment parameters can be visualised in charts or curves view mode and be saved.
This pilot exists in a supervised version Ref SP244 (PCVUE2 software and PLC).



2400 x 700 x 2000 mm


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220 V / single phase / 50 Hz

Activated sludge or enzymes.
Characterized substrate.