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This pilot presents the process of elimination of the carbon, nitrogenous and phosphorated pollutants microbiologically.


It operates by adding to the sewage a bacterial sludge in presence of oxygen followed by a phase of sludge separation. The oxidation stage is preceded by an anoxia stage, which allows characterisation and differentiation of the stages of denitrification and nitrification.

Teaching objectives

- Aerobic treatment by activated sludge.
- Continuous purification of an urban type pollution.
- Bacterial reaction in aerated solution.
- Residence-time calculation of the sewage in the reactor.
- Determination of the oxygen consumption.
- Determination of the reactor efficiency in COD, NTK and phosphate.


Technical specifications

- A torage tank on wheels
- Anoxia tank
- An aeration tank
- A storage tank of the base or the acid
- A clarification tank
- A decanter tank
- A sludge recycling pump
- A recycling pump for the main solution
- A substrate supply pump
- Peristaltic pump with fix speed for the dosing of acid / base
- A compressor controlling the oxygen rate
- A gas and a water flowmeters
- A dosing pump for base solution controlled by PH rate measurement
- Probes for 0², pH, temp.
- Two stirrers (anoxia and aeration tanks)
- Control panel the start/stop controls for the pumps. Two sequencing units are supplied to plan the working cycles of these elements. The panel includes the oxygen, pH and temperature probe transmitters
- The unit is made from PVC and Plexiglass on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts.
This pilot exists in a data acquisition version ref AC44 or supervised version Ref SP244 (PCVUE2 software, PLC) but MP44 unit described here above cannot be modified to become a data acquisition or supervised version.



2 400 x 700 x 2 000 mm.


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220 V / single phase / 50 Hz
Solutions to use : Activated sludge or enzymes - Characterized substrate.


MP44 diagram - click to enlarge :