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This polyvalent pilot corresponds to an industrial technology equipment on a “pilot" scale. It allows the study of mixture, granulation and drying of powders for tablet manufacturing. It is also used for cream and emulsion formulation in cosmetology or in food processing.

MP411When drying, this reactor, using UT404 and UT403 utilities, is also a vacuum evaporator and its instrumentation allows to establish energetic balances forextrapolations purposes.

Teaching objectives

- To study the mixture unitary operation
- To study the wet process granulation unitary operation
- To study the drying (by conduction and vacuum) unitary operation
- To study the influence of different binding materials on wet process granulation
- To study the parameters influence on this process (stirring, speed, temperature, pressure).


Technical specifications

1 – Vat :
A 316L stainless steel vat (hemispheric bottom) provided with right shroud and a conical upper bottom. It include a 316 stainless steel double jacket.
2 – Cover :
The cover includes:
- An observation windows with lighting
- A sleeve nut on the vat for implantation of a Pt100 temperature probe
- A vacuum connecting pipe with quick-connect fitting
- A sleeve nut for manometer
- A threaded pipe of (dia. ¼’’) for installation of an exhaust valve and a vacuum breaking valve
- A pipe with quick-connect fitting (SMS 51) for powders and liquids filling
- A pipe with quick-connect fitting (clamp 25) for filter installation
3 – A fast plunging disperser :
Fixed on the upper flange
4 – A three-bladed anchor :
Fixed to the central part of the cover
5 – A steel and painted table equipped with 4 wheels :
Telescopic guiding column
6 – Electrical equipment and control cabinet

This equipment requires the heating unit UT403 and the vacuum generator UT404.


Dimensions and weight

- 1000 x 1000 x 1900 mm

- Weight : approximately 200 kg

Essential requirements

Power supply: 3,5 KW - 220V mono.


MP411 diagram - click to enlarge :