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The purpose of this unit is the study of the drying process by convection of food or pharmaceutical product. Study of the influence of the load, the input temperature, the air flow of the product to process.


Teaching objectives

  • Measurement and control of the input air temperature

  • Measurement of the output air temperature

  • Measurement of the product temperature

  • Measurement of the differential pressure between the upstream and downstream of the distributor

  • Measurement of the input flow by anemometric probe

  • Product sampling

  • Measurement of the input air humidity

  • Measurement of the output air humidity



The air flow will is adjusted by a speed driver controlling the motor of the fan thanks to a potentiometer in the front side of the electrical cabinet.

The air speed is measured by an anemometric probe.

The input air temperature is controlled. The stop of the drying is automatic or manual, either according to a level of humidity, or according to a limit product temperature.


Technical specifications

  • A fan

  • A electrical heater

  • The input temperature of the air flow control the heater resistance

  • Safety thermostat

  • A conical vat to the basis of the unit, a distributor, a product vat and an expansion area made of stainless steel AISI 304 with windows in polycarbonate.

  • A filtration device at the output of the column

  • An air input with coarse filter

  • Mechanical locking of the product vat

  • Stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts



  • 1 - Fan with electronic speed driver

  • 2 - Pt 100 probe for measurement of the output air temperature with digital display

  • 3 - Air Humidity measurement probe with digital display and alarm threshold at the input of the fluidised bed movable before or after the resistance.

  • 4 - Differential pressure measurement sensor upstream/downstream of the air distributor with digital display.

  • 5 - Pt 100 probe for measurement of the product temperature with digital display and alarm threshold

  • 6 - Analogical anemometer with digital display and 4-20 mA output for continuous display of the air speed.

  • 7 - Battery of heating resistances mounted in a circular duct.

  • 8 - Pt 100 probe with auto adaptive and programmable PID digital controller, (continuous display of the measure and the set point) for the measurement of the air input temperature

  • 9 - Air humidity measurement probe at the output with digital display

  • 10 - Temperature measurement probe at the resistance input

  • 11 - Air input filter

  • 12 - Filter at the output of the fluidised bed

  • 13 - Flexible air trucking for humid and hot air duct to outside

  • 14 - Electrical cabinet including :

    • The ON/OFF switch of the heating resistances,

  • The temperature controller of the fluidised air input,

  • The potentiometer controlling the power of the resistances,

  • The displays of the Pt 100 probes, the humidity probes, the differential pressure sensor

  • The potentiometer controlling the air speed,

All transmitters have 4-20 mA output allowing an eventual data acquisition.

Nota : This unit mustn’t be used with solvents or alcohols.


Essential requirements

Dimensions (L x w x h) : x 1700 x 700 x 2200 mm

Electrical power supply: 8 kW / 220 V – single phase - 50 Hz


MP302 diagram - click to enlarge :