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This bench allows to study different technologies of level measurement sensors used in the industry.


Teaching objectives

- Study of the sensors installation

- Study of the different cases of applications.

- Calibration of the sensors.

- Determination of the characteristic curves of the sensors and their accuracy.



The water network feed a vat through an adjustable pressure regulator (0 to 3 bar). The vat is equipped with a flow adjusting valve, an overflow, a total draining valve, a discharge valve with a leak flow adjusting valve and a steel rule to locate easely the level.

In the vat are installed several types of level measurement sensors: an ultrasonic sensor, a capacitive effect sensor, a float sensor and a hydrostatic pressure sensor.

The display of the different sensors is common and situated in the front side of the electrical cabinet. A 4 positions switch allows to select the sensor to study.

The device is mounted on a welded stainless steel frame, with PVC panel and is equipped with 4 adjustable feet.


Technical specifications

A regulator.

A membrane valve to adjust the feeding flow

A vat in altuglas with support lid for the level sensors.

A capacitive effect level sensor.

An ultrasonic level sensor.

A level sensor by hydrostatic pressure measurement.

A float level sensor.

A digital indicator with graphic display by bar graph.

A valve adjusting the output flow.

An electrical cabinet.

Technical manual in English

Essential requirements

Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 250 W

Water: network clean water 3 bar, 20 °C, 500 l/h.

Dimensions (L x w x h) : 850 x 450 x 1150 mm