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This apparatus allows the study of the operating characteristics of two centrifugal pumps in various arrangements and at different speeds. It enables the study of a single centrifugal pump or two pumps either mounted in series or in parallel.


Designed to work in a closed circuit and mounted on a mobile frame, it is made up of a complete experimental medium to study centrifugal pump performance and characteristics. With its supply tank, it is hydraulically self - contained and only requires an electrical power supply. It can be conveniently used in a workshop or a classroom and can easily be moved.

The bench has two similar centrifugal pumps but with different powers. The speed of both pumps is regulated by an electronic speed driver with speed and consumed power display. A complete instrumentation with manometers and flowmeters enables the determination of the hydraulic power and to trace characteristic pump curves.


Teaching objectives

- Choosing an optimum coupling according to the network to be supplied.
- It is possible to draw characteristic curves of pumps mounted alone, in series or in parallel.
- To measure the absorbed electric power according to flow and pump speed
- Development of characteristic network curves (H,Q) of a pump according to the flow
- Efficiency of the pump
- N.P.S.H. and cavitation


Technical specifications

- Supply tank in PVC with drainage and two taps, external level indicator.
- Two single stage centrifugal pumps in 304 stainless steel (identical rotors, but different powers) Asynchronous triple phase housing motor. External ventilation. IP55 protection.
- Two speed drivers. These enable the display of the frequency as well as the power consumed, current and voltage.
- Two flow meters.
- 2 manometers and 2 vacuometers
- Switchboard for control of pumps, speed drivers and their displays.
- Board including the two manometers and two vacuum meters.
- Stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts



1900 x 1030 x 1950 mm


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220V single phase, 2 kW