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The bench allows the study of a single industrial centrifugal pump or two pumps assembled either in series or parallel mode.


The bench include two similar centrifugal pumps but of different powers. The speed of one of the two pumps is controlled by two electronic speed drivers with digital display of the speed and the power consumed. The other pump functions at fixed speed.

A complete instrumentation with pressure gages and flow meters allows to determine the hydraulic power and to draw the characteristic curves of the pumps.


Teaching objectives

  • Determination of the performances and the features of a centrifugal pump

- Measurement of the total manometric height according to the flow

- Measurement of the electric power absorbed according to the flow and the speed of the pump

- Determination of the hydraulic efficiency

- Drawing of the characteristic curves

  • Study of the two pumps mounted in series and in parallel


Spécifications techniques

The bench is mounted on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts, equipped of 4 castors, of which 2 are equipped with brakes,

  • 2 feeding tanks

  • 2 industrial single stage centrifugal pumps made of stainless steel 304 (identical rotors, but different powers)

  • A single-piece pump, with motor mounted in balance with the pump allowing to make a torque measurement with the help of a strain gauge sensor. An electronic tachometer allows to measure the speed of the pump.

  • The pumps are controlled by two electronic speed drivers

  • 1 wattmeter

  • 2 rotameters

  • 2 vacuum pressure gages

  • 2 pressure gauges

  • Transparent PVC Tubing at the pumps suction

  • A set of valves for the functioning of the 2 pumps is in series, or in parallel mode.

  • An electrical cabinet in painted steel, including :

  • The two speed drivers

  • The wattmeter

  • The control and safety devices of the pumps

  • The tachometer transmitter

  • The “ON” light

  • The emergency stop button

  • The padlocked main switch


Essential requirements

Power supply: 380 V three-phase. 3P + T + N – power 2,5 kW

Water for the tank filling



1900 x 790 x 2000 mm