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A pump supply energy to a fluid flow by increasing its head. It is a necessary component for most piping installations and the pump choice must be optimum to suit to the network to supply.

MP79CThe MP79C bench, designed to function in closed circuit constitute a complete experimentation for studying pumps performances and characteristics. It allow studding four different kind of pump technology.

With its feeding tank, it is hydraulically self - contained and only requires an electrical power supply.

The pump speed is controlled by an electronic speed driver with display of speed and power consumption. A complete instrumentation with dial gages, vacuum gages and flow meters enable the determination of the hydraulic efficiency and to trace characteristic curves for each of the four pumps.

Teaching objectives

  • To study 4 different pumps mounted in head.

  • Determination of pump performance and characteristics :

- Measurement of the total manometric height

according to the flow.

- Measurement of the absorbed electric power

according to flow and pump speed

- Determination of the efficiency of the pumps

- To draw the characteristic pump curves.

  • To study 4 different pumps technology


Technical specifications

  • A PVC feed tank with draining valve

  • 1 horizontal centrifugal pump (maximum pressure 5 m of water column, 7 m3/h maximum flow)

  • 1 axial pump (maximum pressure 60 m of water column, 4.4 m3/h maximum flow)

  • 1 piston pump (maximum pressure 60 m of water column, 1.8 m3/h maximum flow)

  • 1 turbine pump (maximum pressure 58 m of water column, 7 m3/h maximum flow)

  • 1 speed driver with speed display. This one also displays frequency, power consumption, current and voltage of each of the 4 pumps. A switch selects the couple speed driver / pump.

  • Two float flow meters (300 – 3000 l/h and 1000 – 10 000 l/h) with 2 membrane valves to adjust the flow

  • 3 dial gages (dia.100 mm), 1 for suction (-1, 0 bar) and 2 for discharge (0-10 bar, 0-0.6 bar)

  • An electrical cabinet to control the pumps, speed driver and its display, emergency stop button, switches and security devices

  • Stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts

  • Piping and valves are made of PVC

  • A technical manual


Essential requirements

- Electric power supply: 220 V – 50 Hz single phase – 2.2 kW

- Dimensions (L x w x h) : 2040 x 1090 x 2000 mm

- Weight: 320 kg