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This table top bench allow to study a PH control loop in a in a tank by adding a base or an acid solution. A regulator adjust the pump speed to the set point. A disturbance can be create by the help of a water manual valve.


Teaching objectives

- To build and study a PH control loop
- To study a control algorithm to return to the set point after a disturbance


Technical specifications

- A PVC tank, with drain valve
- A variable speed magnetic stirrer
- A PH probe
- A manual valve to introduce a disturbance with water
- A perilstaltic pump 0 – 2 l/h
- 2 containers for acid and base storage
- 1 PID regulator, auto adaptative, with 4/20 mA output, with RS485 card
- Stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts and PVC
- Supplied with technical documentation



900 x 800 x 500 mm


Essential requirements

- Power supply : 220 V, 50 Hz, 500 W

- A table