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Heat transfer is the movement of thermal energy to equalize the temperatures between two points of a body initially at different temperatures. Heat transfer can occur by three processes: conduction in solids, convection in liquids and gases, and radiation across gases and vacuum.


Designed for teaching the heat transfer processes, the Heat Transfer rig MP104M/A uses high conductivity materials. The thermal transfer fluid circuit is closed, and heat losses are low.
The rig is used to compare four types of heat exchangers with equivalent transfer areas. Transfer can bestudied with parallel flow or counter-flow. The rig is also available as a manual version ref MP104.


The supply of cooling liquid is distributed by a set of manual valves which direct the flow in parallel mode or counter-flow mode. An optional unit can be provided to heat the hot fluid circuit.
The instrumentation of the unit includes temperature probes, flow-meters, and electrical console with digital temperature displays.
The unit allow process management, control and measurement functions. In addition, control parameters can be displayed and modified on a PC computer.
The instrumentation comprises the sensors and actuators which are fitted with an RS 485 serial interface, and RS 485 to RS 232 converter for connection to the computer.
A comprehensive technical manual is supplied. It covers a review of the theoretical principles, details of the apparatus, the operating procedure and instructions for analysis of the results.

Teaching objectives

- Implementation of a heat exchange.
- Analysis of heat exchange performances.

- Determination of :

- Heat balances.
- Global heat transfer coefficients
- Flow regimes

- Study of the effect of transfer mode (con or counter-current).
- Study of the effect of hot and cold fluid supply.
- Comparison of the efficiency of 4 types of heat exchangers.

Technical specifications

- 1 coiled exchanger
- 1 concentric exchanger
- 1 plate exchanger with brazed plates
- 1 Shell & tube exchanger
- 21 stainless steel manual valves
- 5 pressure gauges
- 1 electronic flowmeter (cold circuit)
- 1 electronic flowmeter (hot circuit)
- 1 stainless steel pneumatic valve for the cold water flow
- 1 stainless steel pneumatic valve for the hot water flow
- 2 converters P/I
- 1 electrical cabinet
- 16 temperature probes
- 2 temperature displays with a 2 positions switch and a 4 positions switch and a communications card type RS485
- 4 temperature displays with RS485 output and one RS485/RS232 converter
- 2 flowmeters displays
- The exchangers are out of stainless steel
- The external grills of the exchanger with serpentine and the multitubular exchanger are out of glass.
- The external grill of the monotubular exchanger is out of stainless steel.
- The circuit is carried out in stainless steel piping and is assembled on welded stainless steel frame.
- A technical manual is delivered with the bench.
- A supervision software allowing to configure remotely the regulators, to select the temperature displays and to control the flow according to the selected exchangers and the transfer mode.

Supervision software description :
This software makes it possible to record and save all the measuring point, to carry out all calculations and to plot the curves of exchanges according to time for each exchanger.

These curves represent :

- variation of the quantities of heat dispatched and absorbed according to the hot and cold water mass flow
- variation of the thermal efficiency E according to the water mass flow
- variation of the coefficient of heat exchange U according to the water mass flow

Synoptic of the installation is proposed on PC, as well as a sight corresponding to each exchanger, with the temperature indications of the primary and secondary fluids, and the flows.

1 heating device of 10 kW, water 95°C Ref UT403/10
PC computer with RS232 free port



2400 X 800 X 1900 mm.


Essential requirements

- PC computer
- Cold water 2 bars, 3 m3/h
- Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz
- Compressed air : 6 NL/mn, 2 bars