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The DELTALAB temperature measurements test bench ET301 is a bench mounted unit, and uses two separate controlled heating systems to study different methods of measuring temperatures for a range of temperature ranging from ambient to 1000°C.


Teaching objectives

It is possible to study problems associated with cold junction temperature compensation, electronic temperature control, and contact thermometry.


Technical specifications

- Work bench with electrical sockets and storage compartments
- Electric muffle furnace
- Thermostatically controlled water bath, with agitator and resistance heater controlled by contact thermometer
- Two thermos flasks for ice
- Control and measurement cabinet with temperature controller and indicators including:

- 1 digital millivolmeter
- 1 six way selector
- 1 digital temperature indicator for platinum resistance probe
- 1 digital temperature indicator for thermistor
- 1 digital temperature indicator for the furnace
- 1 temperature controller for the furnace

- Set of temperature probes, thermistors, platinum-resistances and thermocouples:

- 1 thermistor probe for liquids
- 1 platinum resistance probe ( PT 100)
- 1 thermocouple K (nickel, chrome / nickel-aluminium)
- 1 thermocouple J (iron/copper/nickel)
- 1 thermocouple S (platinum-10% rhodium/platinum)


Dimensions and weight

175 x 80 x 110 mm, 80 kg


Essential requirements

Electricity : 220/240 volt, 50 Hz. Other voltages on request