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The ET130 Radiation and Natural Convection apparatus contains two separate enclosures : one is electrically heated and temperature regulated while the other is water cooled. A thermocouple allows measurement of the temperature of the heat exchanger outlet.


By means of the experimental mechanisms it is possible to install black or grey circular bodies in either chamber. The temperature of the two bodies can be measured by the associated thermocouple. The apparatus has an integral vacuum pump and experiments can therefore be carried out at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum.


Teaching objectives

The apparatus allows :
- Plotting of absorption and emission curves of the two bodies under vacuum
- Plotting of the heating and cooling curves for the two bodies
- Emission and absorption coefficients (Stefan Boltzmann constant)
- Determination of the conductance by unit area
- Calculation of heat exchange by convection or radiation.


Technical specifications

- Enclosure temperature : Regulated 0 - 299°C
- Digital display resolution : 1°C
- Maximum vacuum : -0.95 bar
- Vacuum gauge range : 0 to -1 bar
- Analog outputs :

- Temperature of the sensor
- Derivative of the sensor temperature

- Heat exchanger : Mains water supply

ET131 : Data acquisition and analyse system for ET130 apparatus.
Including acquisition card, cable and software application to use in Microsoft ® Excel application.


Dimensions and weight

600 x 410 x 280 mm - 14kg.


Essential requirements

- Electricity : 220/240 volt, 50 Hz, 600 watt

- Mains water supply