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The side walls of the EH1000 tilting flume are constructed from transparent Plexiglas of uniform surface roughness.


Special fixtures are used to assemble the flume to ensure that the side walls are parallel and the cross section constant. The flume is supported on a rigid box-beam constructed from Plexiglas. The upstream end of the flume is supported on a manually operated mechanical jack which allows for precise adjustment of the negative or positive slope. Water is pumped from the main tank and enters the flume through a duckbill gate situated upstream of the test section. The gate ensures that the flow entering the flume is free of eddies, turbulences, vortices and excessive disturbances. Flow rate is adjusted through a manual control valve and measured by a rotameter. The downstream end of the flume is fitted with an overflow sill equipped with a sluice gate, the flow returning to the main tank. This arrangement ensures an essential hydraulic break at the flume outlet.
The dimensions and design of the channel are in conformity with Chézy's four conditions for steady uniform flow. Water is circulated in a closed circuit.


Teaching objectives

Possible experiments include :
- Demonstration of different types of flow: uniform, steady, gradually or suddenly varying flows
- Study of the different flow conditions: torrential, critical, fluvial
- Velocity distribution in a channel
- Studies of Chézy, Bazin, Manning-Strickler formulae, and others
- Flows over different types of weirs : plate, broad-crested, triangular
- Measurement of flow rate in a critical section
- Torrential fluvial flow : hydraulic jump
- Study of eddy curves
- Flow through a Venturi flume and/or a Parshall flume
- Influence of roughness on flow.


Technical specifications

- Standard flume length: 6 m.
- Test section dimensions: width 75 mm, height 150 mm
- Stainless steel 1 kW centrifugal pump; maximum flow 16 m3/hr at 12 m head
- Slope variation: - 2% to + 4%
- Rotameter with magnetic float
- Two vernier depth gauge, one pitot tube
- Structures provided include: plate weir with aeration, 2 broad-crested weirs, venturi, vertical sluice gate, 2 bridge piers, V-notch weir, roughened channel bed.

Optional equipment :
- Parshall flume, siphon spillway, radial sector gate, inclined sill, weir with ski-jump, dam spillway
- Alternative flow meter with 4 - 20 mV output

Dimensions and weight

- EH1000: 800 x 50 x 115 cm

- Water tank: 95 x 50 x 90 cm

- Total mass: 400 kg


Essential requirements

- 220 V,1 kW, at 50 Hz, other voltages available on demand

- Water supply and drain