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The bench allow to study a flow process control alone, a level process control alone, a level process control with cascade on the flow, a split-range process control.


Teaching objectives

The equipment allow, for example to experiment the following subjects :
- Study of a static answer (level or flow).
- Study of flow measurement with diaphragm and differential pressure transducer with digital display with square root extractor (FT2).
- Study of (Broïda or other) Identifications on the level or the flow process control.
- Study of simple level process control (with V1 or V2).
- Study of simple flow process control
- Study of a process control by extent sharing.
- Study of a process level control with cascade on the flow.
- Study of a Split-Range process control.
The model is designed so that the disturbances are easily reproducible. That’s allows a fine study of the influence of the control parameters (needle valve with 10 revolutions).

Technical specifications

The equipment is composed of:
- 2 tanks in altuglas
- A supply tank in transparent PVC with drain valve.
- The tanks can be dismantled for cleaning operations
- 2 electronic flow meters
- A diaphragm with differential pressure transducer and digital display with square root extractor.
- A float flow meter for comparison of the flow measurement
- Two pneumatic valves, Kv = 2,5 , one normally open and one normally closed,
- Two converters IP
- An air pressure regulator
- A pressure sensor 0-1 bar with transmitter for measuring the level in tank 1
- A level sensor magnetic float type with for measuring the level in tank 2
- Two needle manual valves, with easily setting of the revolution number
- A centrifugal pump in stainless steel
- A controller for level control
- A controller for flow control
Display of the measure and the set point for the two regulators. The regulator A PKC1 become the master when using in cascade mode.
- The control cabinet module made of painted steel including:
- The ON/OFF switch
- The ON/OF light
- The Emergency stop
- The 2 controllers,
- A 3 position switch for the selection of process control type
Level process control,
Flow process control,
Cascade process control
- The safety protection and pump control, the 4-20 mA supply of the transmitters.
- A synoptic with luminescent diodes indicate the corresponding actuators, measures and valves depending of the selected loop mode.
- Security plugs with the 0-10 V input and output signal from the regulators.

- Data acquisition module ref MAC 2 composed with :
- Two regulators with RS485 communication cards
- A converter RS485/RS232
- A data acquisition software under Windows allowing :
Reading PID parameters,
The drawing of the curves,
The remote control of the regulator parameters
The storage of the values
- PC computer type Pentium IV


2300 x 1700 x 1000 mm


Essential requirements

- Power supply : 220 V mono - 50 Hz

- Compressed Air supply: 6 NL/h - 6 bars