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MP74Teaching objectives

To understand the operation of centrifugal pumps, flow regulation systems and control systems using a digital communication display device.

Pumping :
- Study coupling in series or parallel.
- Draw the characteristic curve of a centrifugal pump.
- Draw a network graph and determine an operating point.

Adjustment :
- Study of a simple closed loop.
- Adjustment of flow rate.
- Identify the components of an adjustment loop.

Automatic functioning :

- Using an industrial programmable pre-programmed automaton.
- Identify the different elements of an automated system.
- Interpretation of different GRAFCET of the device.
- Alter the operating parameters of the controller.


Technical specifications

- Two identical multi – stage centrifugal pumps mounted in the framework
- A feeding tank
- The pumps are managed by an electronic speed driver allowing to measure and display the couple, the frequency, the intensity and tension as well as of the power consumption of the pumps.
- A set of electro pneumatic valves allow selection of the pump configuration in series or parallel. Each actuated valve has an adjacent manual valve.
- A flowmeter with analogue output measures the flow at the exit of the pumps and transmits information to an autonomous regulator. This displays the flow rate and also permits the display of the order as well as all parameters of PID regulation. The regulator also has an “autoadaptative" option and a 4-20 mA output.
- 4 manometers
- A PLC (12 input, 8 TOR output, 4 input and 1 analogue output, function time stamp), allow to program running cycles of the pumps (select by a knob) to optimise one of the parameters recorded by the speed driver in maintaining the flow constant.
- A digital display allows the communication between the operator and the system.
- Stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts

Option :
Test bench for automatic centrifugal pumps with flow and pressure regulation MP77 (not at the same time)


1900 x 1030 x 1950 mm


Essential requirements

Power supply : 1.5 kW - 220 V single phase 50 Hz