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This system, derived from a special machine designed for the BOIRON company (pharmaceutical laboratory) is an ideal support for the study of automation. It allows understanding of the mechanical engineering of an automated system and the latest control techniques using a touch screen communication terminal. This system was developed to be simple, observable and easily accessible for the operator. Each operating step is clearly identifiable in terms of functions and solutions.

EEA100Teaching objectives

- Structural and functional analyses of the various operative parts, commands and interfaces.
- Analysis of a production cycle.
- Study of the components in the system.
- Use of a TSX37 PLC with programming language PL7-07.
- Understanding of the security of the automated systems by analysis of the risks due to the automation and comprehension of the security chain.
- Supervision concept of an automated system with man-machine dialogue.

Technical Specifications


Method of Operation :
Includes 4 operations of a tube filling operation process - to deposit the tube, to fill the tube, to deposit the stopper, to clip the stopper on the tube. Adjustment of the quantity parameter and the speed of the operations are also possible. Steps are:
1 - Tube distribution and control.
2 - Proportioning of the granules.
3 - Distribution and control of the stoppers.
4 - Stopping of the tube.

The transfer of the tubes to the different steps is realized by means of a pallet chain conveyor (890 mm length and 80 mm width) pulled by an asynchronous single-phase current motor with reducer.
If an unspecified technical problem occurs during the course of the production cycle, an interruption of the cycle is initiated. During this operation, incomplete products present on the chain are rejected by reverse operation of the conveyor. These products are then ejected into a rejection vat. The conveyor then stops and the cycle can resume.

- Supervised dosage system without PLC Ref EEA101
- Basic dosage system with PLC Ref EEA105
- Basic dosage system without PLC Ref EEA106
- In the basic system, the touch sensitive interface is replaced by a knob panel


Dimensions and weight

- Bench : 1350 x 600 x 730 mm – 60 Kg

- Electrical cabinet : 500 x 200 x 700 mm – 20 Kg

Essential Requirements

Air supply : 4 to 8 bars