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The SAN400 is a combined twist and bend testing machine for use both in pupil's laboratory exercises and in conjunction with theoretical work on twist and bending. Its size and weight make it easy to carry between the different classrooms.l


In twist tests you can determine and compare the modulus of rigidity for different materials and demonstrate the deformation formula.

In bending tests you determine with SAN400 the modulus of elasticity of different materials and demonstrate, for example, the relation between
load, moment of inertia, distance between supports, modulus of elasticity and deflection.
The test pieces for bending tests are different dimensions, so that you can determine the relation between moment of inertia and dimensions ofa material.


Teaching objectives

- Investigation of the relationship between load, span, width, height and deflection of a beam.
- To ascertain the coefficient of elasticity for steel, brass, aluminium and wood.
- Investigation of the relationship between torsional moment, clamping length and torsional angle of a shaft.
- To determine the shear modulus of steel, brass and aluminium.


Technical specifications

- Twist and Bend machine
- Two loading devices
- Two 1N masses
- Two 0.5N masses
- Test pieces of rectangular cross section
- Test pieces 8 mm dia. In steel aluminium, brass and wood
- Experiment manual

Dimensions and weight

- 800 x 225 x 350 mm

- Net weight : 13 kg