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This experimental test bench consists of a mounted rigid triangular frame with a load application device. The system is designed to demonstrate the relationships between stress and strain in a tensile specimen, and between load and deflection for a beam in transverse bending.


A wide variety of options is available for this bench-top equipment, offering many experiments in strength and resistance of materials.
The Deltalab EX150 test bench has become the standard for a manually operated bench-top tensile-testing machine.


Teaching objectives

The test bench allows a wide range of demonstrations and
experiments, including :

Study of stretching :
- Measurement of Young's Modulus of Elasticity for three materials
- Effect of cross-section using a light alloy specimen
Study of bending :
- Effect of distance between supports
- Effect of Second Moment of Area
- Effect of choice of material (steel and light alloy)


Technical specifications


The system consists of a bench mounted rigid triangular frame. It allows the determination of tensile performance for 400 mm specimens and of bending performance of beams between 400 and 500 mm centres. The specimens can be deformed up to 25 mm. The applied load is given by the deflection of a loading beam, calibrated at the factory. Extension and deflection of the specimens is measured on dial gauges.

Standard equipment EX150 consisting of:
· Table mounted test system with a set of beams, a set of tensile samples and 2 dial gauges
· Technical manual and teaching notes

Optional equipment :
EX152: Tensile test specimen fitted with strain gauges
EX154: Bending specimen fitted with strain gauges in a section of the beam
EX158 : Bending specimen fitted with strain gauges along the beam
EI616: Strain bridge (essential for use with EX152, EX154 and EX158)
EX151: Data acquisition and processing system
EX156MM: Multimedia software on bending and tension (only in French version)
EX150C1 Buckling kit
EX150C2 Multi loading system kit
EX150C3 Composite Materials kit
EX150C6 Truss studding kit
Each optional equipment is accompanied by a technical manual and teaching notes.


Dimensions and weight

- EX150 : 70 x 70 x 20 cm - 25 kg


Essential requirements

The EX150 must be mounted on a firm horizontal surface.

 View datasheet : pdf155498_1280.png