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This apparatus is composed of a light alloy part assembled on the wings of the planes ATR42, which is used as support for the piping of circulation of hot air.


A measuring bench is used to accurately reproduce the conditions of connections and loading on this support of piping. The student after having measured certain displacements, having determined the stresses and having justified the shapes of the part, compares these results with those obtained by a finite elements software.


Teacching objectives

Understanding the complete geometry of this support, it’s connections with the parts close and the efforts which are applied to it.
One can :
- measure displacements, the strains, the stresses in judiciously selected points.
- confront the experimental results obtained by the deformations recorded by each of the 5 gauges and the displacements measured by the 4 comparators with those obtained by the computation software by finite elements in the case of simple efforts.
The student will carry out a static justification of the dimensioning based on the simplified theory of beams.


Technical specifications

The apparatus includes :
The measuring bench accurately reproducing the conditions of connections and loading of the support of piping. It comprises:
- 1 loading screw operating the swing bar by means of a strength sensor of capacity 500 daN. This one carries out a mechanical action on the support of piping and makes it possible to measure the static charge applied.
- 4 mechanical dial gauges allowing to measure the 2 components of displacement in 2 points.
Support of piping in aluminium AU4G equipped with 5 strain gauges:
- 4 gauges stuck on contour external of the part allowing to determine locally, the normal stress
- 1 gauge stuck on the heart of a U-shaped section allowing to determine locally, the tangential stress.
- 1 connector 15 pins for connection with the strain bridge ref EI616.

Dimensions and weight

- 350 x 350 x 80 mm

- Net Weight: 7 kg


Essential requirements

Electrical supply : 220 V at 50 Hz

Additionally required equipment:
- Strain bridge ref EI616
- Computer IBM PC or compatible

Finite elements software : recommended "RDM LE MANS” – Contact DELTALAB for complementary information on the software.