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This static test bench allows study of a rotational system which uses either ball bearings or roller bearings.


The study is conducted with radial or axial loading, with or without preloading of the assembly.
Specially written simulation software is used to compare the theoretical and the actual performance (only in French version).

Teaching objectives

Axial studies with the basic system:
- measurement of the axial deflection of a bearing
- determination of the laws governing axial bearing performance
- experimental determination of the axial rigidity using two bearings
- evaluation of the effect of preloading on axial rigidity
- the effect of bearing play on the accuracy of rotation
Multi-axial studies with the optional shaft instrumentation:
- allowance for and measurement of shaft deformation
- characterisation of roller bearings, measurement of the entrainment couple and comparison with ball bearings of different types
- review of the methods of calculation


Technical specifications

The test bench consists of a shaft and pair of bearings mounted within a rigid bedplate. A preload can be applied to the shaft by a hydraulic jack mounted on its axis. Measurement of the hydraulic pressure in the jack gives the value of the force applied. Another jack applies a radial load to the shaft and the displacement is measured with a micrometer. Both jacks are powered by a manual pump.
The optional shaft fitted with strain gauges allows measurement of the loading of the assembly and the deformation of the axle under axial or radial loading.
An extensometer bridge is necessary to carry out the experiments.

Composition :
- shaft diameter: 25 mm
- displacement between bearings: 85 mm
- maximum loading: 10 kN
- maximum preloading: 5 kN
- bearings supplied:
- 1: ball bearing 6305
- 2: ball bearing oblique contact 7305
- 3: tapered roller 30305 ((x = 11,180)
- 4: tapered roller 31305 ((x = 28,480)
- shaft loading at 00 (axial), 45' and 90'

Standard equipment EX900
consisting of:
- test bench for the study of rotary bearings
- four pairs of bearings
- special tools for assembly and disassembly
- AGUIR software for bearing performance simulation and for display of results under MS EXCEL

Optional equipment package consisting of :
- shaft fitted with strain gauges for study of multiaxial loading with software for analysis of the extensometry results under MS EXCEL ref EX910
- strain bridge ref EI616


Dimensions and weight

- 70 x 42 x 30 cm

- Weight : 40 kg


Essential requirements

PC computer with MS EXCEL installed