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Teaching objectives

Deal mechanisms :
Determination of the ideal configuration and the corresponding transmitted forces and couples.
Real mechanisms :
Effect of friction on the operation of mechanisms ; study of kinematic constraints, reversibility, efficiency.
Experiments are carried out on a range of standard links, and displacement transducers mounted on the supporting plate, permit measurements of displacements and transmitted forces and couples.
The innovative EX200 unit is designed for an in-depth experimental three-dimensional study of mechanisms.
A range of standard links is supplied. These are mounted on a plate equipped with six strain gauge displacement transducers which measure the applied loads. Comprehensive software for a compatible PC micro computer is supplied for data acquisition and display of forces and couples and plate displacements.
Signals are processed using the El616 Strain Bridge and the acquisition board.


Technical specifications

- EX200 - Standard equipment including a kit of links (5 shafts and 4 hubs) and the loading system with the mass.
- EX200C2 - Complementary equipment for studding of simple and mixed links in serial or parallel.
- EX200C3 - Complementary loading system hang for studding of multidirectional mechanical actions.
- EX200C4 - Complementary equipment for studding of friction phenomena.


Dimensions and weight

300 x 300 mm - 9 kg


Essential requirements

- Strain bridge ref EI616
- PC computer with MS DOS (the software is on MS DOS and exist only in a French version)
- Free ISA slot on the computer available