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This is a commonly used gate opener, adapted to investigate studies in mechanical and energetic engineering. The system permits different but complementary studies: experimentation, modelling and computer aided design with special CAD software in 2D (AUTOCAD®) and 3D (SolidWorks®).



The equipment covers the following areas of study :

  • Energetic

  • Fluid mechanics

  • Functional analysis of an industrial product

  • Technical communication tools

  • Mechanical links

  • Relationship between product - manufacturing process - material

  • Measurement of physical values and calculation of performance


These calculations are entered into a spreadsheet file (model supplied) to allow interpretation of the test data and results.


Using the measurements and experimental data, calculations will among other give :

  • The theoretical capacity of the pump (using CAD software)

  • The determination of the following parameters, based on the measurements obtained with the equipment:
    - Translation speed of jack rod (time, distance)
    - Theoretical flow rate of the pump (capacity, rotation speed)
    - Oil flow rate (piston diameter, rod diameter, rod speed)
    - Released mechanical power (mass lifted, rod speed)
    - Resultant pressure forces on the piston (piston diameter, rod diameter, pressure)
    - Jack efficiency and global efficiency ( if functioning in load)
    - Flow measurement comparison: pump - jack and jack - pump.

  • Analysis of the functions provided by the different valves and safety pressure valve used in the hydraulic circuit

  • Highlighting of the change in efficiency and friction as a function of the applied load and temperature increase

  • Analysis of the design methods associated to prevent leaks and to facilitate assembly…




The electro-hydraulic gate opener is mounted on a plastic PVC base together with the related instrumentation.

It includes :

- An electrical motor

- An oil gear pump

- A lift device for the mass ( the masses can be hanged in a driven position or a braking position)

- A complete instrumentation allowing the measurement of:

  • Motor speed using an induction sensor and signal conditioner / indicator display

  • Power consumed using an optional Clamp-type ammeter

  • Oil pressure in the two supply circuits of the cylinder using 2 pressure gauges

  • Time taken for the shaft to reach a predetermined position using an optional stopwatch


Certain essential specifications for the equipment are provided, including :

  • Pump dimensions, measured on a tri-axis measurement machine and profile projector, supplied on CAD files

  • Performance specifications of the hydraulic jack

  • Intensity of the lifted mass (system can also be used empty)



Standard equipment EX700:

Table top test bench (the table is not supplied)

The masses are not included as standard



Essential requirements :

  • Voltage : 220V, 50 Hz, other voltages available on demand

  • Clamp-type ammeter,

  • Stopwatch,

  • Set of masses : 4 x 1 5 kg

  • 100 MHz PC with Windows*, Excel*, AutoCAD** and SolidWorks***


* Windows, Excel are a registered trademark of Microsoft.

** AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk Inc.

*** SolidWorks is a registered trademark of SolidWorks Corporation.


Dimensions and weight

- 1200 x 300 x 200 mm

- Weight : 20 kg