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The CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) automatic gearbox is a system truly representative of the technological evolution in the motor industry.


This gearing integrates a metallic thrust belt torque converter.
It is named in a certificate by the Dutch company VAN DOORNE'S TRANSMISSION B.V. The CVT EX620 automatic gearbox is presented under the form of a real breakdown drawing (registered pattern) where the functional sub-systems are clearly indicated. The two parts of the casing in aluminium alloy are maintained at a distance by braces on which are supported the functional sub-systems. These subsystems are maintained in place by anodized support plates in different colours.
Furthermore, they can be freed from the breakdown drawing to carry out independent technological studies.


Teaching objectives

- This gearbox contains standard components of mechanical engineering. It is therefore composed of an excellent teaching support relative to this discipline. It is made up of very distinct functional sub-systems.
These are individually studied then regrouped to form the whole system. Also, this system lends itself well to a functional analysis study.
- A simulation software enables in-out laws, overall and of each sub-system, to be brought to the fore.
- Moreover, volumic model sketches of different parts are supplied. Visualizations are, from then on, possible. Furthermore, the teacher is able to work with his pupils around these sketches and complete them.
It is a very interesting teaching method of adapting functional forms by the learner.


Technical specifications

The different sub-systems are :

Support frame :
- casing,
- hydraulic control.
Entrance sub-system :
- epicyclic gear,
- multidisk clutch and break,
- geared pump.
Speed variator sub-system :
- variable diameter sheaves,
- heterogeneous chain in sintered steel,
- actuating cylinders.
Exit sub-system :
- simple train speed reductor
- equalising gear.

- Standard equipment EX620 :
- CVT automatic gearbox.
- Simulation software.
- Technical and teaching file.
- Sketches of volumic models under SolidWorks.

Dimensions and weight

110 x 560 x 550 mm - 50 kg


Essential requirements

Computer for the running of the simulation software.
Solid-Works software.