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The Deltalab Six Axis Platform (Stewart Table) EX800 is a multi-technology system with which investigations can be made into the behaviour of complex mechanisms such as are used, for example, in flight and motor vehicle simulators, machine tools, cine camera dynamic mounts, robots or large astronomical telescopes.

Teaching objectives

- Study of the components and the assembly of a dynamic linkage.
- System analysis, modelling and control.
- Study of the behaviour of:
- mechanical systems: geometry, kinematics, statics and dynamics, structures ;
- control: position servos, accuracy, speed, stability, feedback.
Use of the software allows the following to be investigated :
- Simulation of various system architectures.
- Control systems for outputting signals to the actuators in order to reach a specific position or to follow a specific path.
- Presentation of data in graphical form.
- Monitoring of laboratory experiments.


Technical specifications


Actuator :
- Closed length: 340 mm
- Stroke: 140 mm
- Maximum speed: 30 mm/s
- Unloaded max. speed: 7500 rev/min
- Maximum load: 3 kg
- DC motor voltage: 0-12 v
I/O Interface Board :
- 16 analogue input channels
- 6 analogue output channels
- 2 logic outputs
- I/O resolution: 12 bit
Axis Board :
- R and q for the 6 platform axes
- R and q for the separate actuator
- Integral low voltage supply

- 1 model with manually adjustable legs
- 1 six-axis platform assembly with 6 actuators
- 1 single actuator on a separate base
- 1 measurement unit with 6 dial gauges
- 1 I/O interface board and 1 axis board
- Software for simulation, control, and data acquisition
- Documentation pack, comprising:
- a manual with practical work suggestions and examples,
- a reference section,
- a technical section,
- a section describing the software,
- a set of CAD files.

- Kit for investigations of characteristics of a single actuator, Ref EX514.
- Set of 2 gyrometers, Ref EX810.
- No-contact tachometer for EX810, Ref JLV10.
- Stength measurement complement, Ref EX830


Dimensions and weight

- 580 x 500 x 420 mm (actuators closed)

- Net weight : 15 kg


Essential requirements

Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz (Other voltages on request)