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The EX404/AWSD tilting flow channel, made out of rigid transparent PVC and equipped with a vernier depth gauge, allows the study of open surface flow around models placed in the channel; a set of models is provided.

EX404 404BTeaching objectives

- To confirm theory of free surface flows.

- To visualize the different types of flow and to make a comparison between the theory and the experimentation.

- To identify the classical curves corresponding to these different types of flow and confirm the laws of hydraulic jumps.

Technical specifications

PVC channel dimensions :

- Width: 40 mm

- working length: 2000 mm

- working depth: 80 mm (channel depth : 100 mm)


-1 Flume

-3 models: Long base weir, Venturi flume, Plate weir

-1 vernier depth gauge with support

-2 strutting pieces


Nomenclature :

- 1 Channel

- 2 Flowmeter

- 3 Adjustment flow valve

- 4 sluice gate

- 5 handwheel screw to adjust the slope of the channel

- 6 Flow rate measurement module

- 7 Water supply module

- 8 Slope pivot

- 9 Device to prevent turbulences

- 10 Overflow table


Complementary equipment :

- 1 water supply module ref EX402B

- 1 flow rate measurement module ref EX408B