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The EH25 centre of pressure apparatus allows the direct determination of the moment due to the thrust of a liquid onto a totally or partially immersed flat plate: measurements may be compared with data obtained by calculation. The flat plate may be inclined relative to the vertical plane for the study of the general case.

EH25The water is contained in a plexiglass quadrant whose geometrical curved side axes coincide with a measuring beam. The moment is determined by adding or removing weights to the arm. The head of water is read directly on the transparent scale to within 2 mm.

Teaching objectives

- Measurements of the centre of pressure of a vertical plane surface at different depths.
- Study of the general case of a plane surface inclined at different angles, and at different depths.


Technical specifications

- Quadrant: inner radius: 100 mm - outer radius: 200 mm - width: 75 mm
One face graduated between 0 and 30°
- Fixed scale:
Indicates horizontal and vertical beam position.
Scale graduated to 200 mm below, and to 40 mm above the horizontal axis in intervals of 2 mm.
- Balance arm radius: 203 mm
The unit is supplied complete with base, weight carriers and one set of weights, and with a technical bulletin providing typical test results.


Dimensions and weight

- 430 x 150 x 330 mm

- Net weight : 5,9 kg