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Cavitation arises when a liquid in movement is vaporised when it is subjected to excessive stresses. It can be observed by the appearance of liquid-vapour interfaces in the flow, which can take different forms.


The Deltalab EH505 represents an important preliminary stage in the demonstration and understanding of these phenomena. Further work can be carried out using the standard Deltalab cavitation experimental unit Caviturn EH501.

Teaching objectives

- Demonstration and observation of cavitation phenomena at varying flow rates.
- Measurement and interpretation of up-stream and throat pressures at varying flow rates.


Technical specifications

The Deltalab unit is a complete self-contained system, designed for closed circuit operation.
The test section is a completely transparent rectangular venturi machined in Plexiglas with pressure tappings at the throat and up-stream of the test section.
The pressure tappings are connected to pressure gauges located above the test section.
The test section and pressure gauges are mounted on a framework on castors for mobility. The high-duty pump and supply tank are mounted at the base of the framework. A control valve, flow-meter and thermometer are supplied as standard.
Enhanced visualisation of cavitation phenomena can be obtained using a stroboscope (supplied as optional accessory).


Dimensions and weight

- Overall dimensions : 950 x 450 x 1500 mm

- Net weight : 55 kg

- Gross weight : 125 kg


Essential requirements

A.C. supply : single phase, 220 V, 50 Hz