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The Axial-Flow Fan Test Set EA500 uses a standard axial fan of 315 mm diameter.


A detailed study of this fan can be carried out using the "reduced plenum chamber " method ( as detailed in AFNOR standard n° X10 0200). The full characteristics of the fan can be determined. The great advantage of this particular method is that for given ambient conditions the flow, pressure, work and power calculations are derived from a single pressure reading.


Technical specifications

The main body of the apparatus consists of a 4.35 m long air-flow duct mounted on the test-bench, which is provided with castors. Upstream of the fan there is a flared contraction which leads into a circular section containing the fan itself. Downstream of the fan is a flow straightener to eliminate swirl and a 7° diffuser section which leads into a small, open-ended cylindrical chamber, via a honeycomb.
- Six circular plates each with a different size orifice are provided and are attached to the discharge of the chamber by means of quick release fixtures. The orifice plates serve to control the outlet area and to measure the flow rate.
- The fan is driven by a variable speed, thyristor controlled motor. The voltage, current and speed of the motor are given and displayed by the speed driver and the pressure in the chamber is measured by a precision projection micromanometer.
- Standard axial fan (1) : 315 mm diameter. (1) Other models of axial fans can be supplied on request.
- Number of blades : 10
- Speed : variable between 200 and 3000 r.p.m.
- Micromanometer : projection type with 300 mm scale and accuracy better than 0.05 % of the full scale.
- Digital meters : displaying fan speed, voltage and current.


Dimension and weight

- Air duct - Overall length 4.35 m

- Complete assembly including bench : 4350 x 1000 x 1500 mm

- Nett weight : 200 kg


Essential requirements

- Standard : 220 V single phase - 50 Hz, 1 kW

- Other voltages available on request.