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The DELTALAB EA600 subsonic wind tunnel is a high level teaching aid designed for a wide range of experiments in aerodynamics. The integral fan generates a flow up to 45 m/s through a transparent test section of 230 x 230 mm. Different accessories are provided (including pitot tube and aerofoils) which allow verification of the laws of aerodynamics.

EA600 EA103

Teaching objectives

The wind tunnel allows a wide range of spectacular experiments, including:
- Measurement of flow velocity and gradients in the test section
- Measurement of pressure differentials around an aerofoil
- Study of the pressure gradient around a cylinder

Using additional equipment:
- Measurement of lift and drag using a 2- component balance
- Measurement of lift, drag and pitching moment with a 3-component balance


Technical specifications

The wind tunnel is bench-mounted to allow easy mounting of the instruments and models.
It consists of:
· A carefully designed contraction to provide uniform air flow
· A transparent test section with panels prepared for the location of probes
· A diffuser and honey comb connecting the test section to the suction fan
· An axial fan and motor assembly mounted on a separate metal support, to provide isolation from vibration in the test section. The variable speed fan is controlled to provide air speed variation from 1 – 45 m/s
- A diffuser for return of air to the laboratory
- The wind-tunnel is of metal with a stoved finish and PVC construction
- Test section: 230 x 230 x 500 mm
- Maximum airflow: 45 m/s
- Fan power: 3 kW

Standard equipment EA600 consisting of:
- Table mounted wind tunnel as described above
- EA605: traversing system fitted with pitot tube
- EA602: NACA-23012 aerofoil fitted with 16 pressure tappings
- EA604: rotatable cylinder with precise angular scale and pressure tapping
- EI104: tilting 24 tube manometer
- Technical manual and teaching notes

Optional equipment :
- EI400: 2-component aerodynamic balance
- EI450: 3-component aerodynamic balance
- EI402: set of aerofoils comprising: NACA-23012 (with removable flap), NACA 4412, NACA 65218, NACA 0015


Dimensions and weight

385 x 115 x 175 cm - 270 kg


Essential requirements

- 380/440 V 3-phase at 50 Hz, other voltages available on demand
- 220 V single phase for test equipment


EA600 EA103


EA600 EA103