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Teaching objectives

- Versatile for class demonstrations student experiments and research projects

- Provides a steady non-turbulent flow.

- Study air flow around various shapes using smoke traces.


Technical specifications

- This is a combined wind tunnel and smoke generator powered by a synchronous a.c. motor driving a centrifugal blower and capable of producing wind speeds of 10 m/s in the test section.
- Low turbulence air flow is achieved by the use of 3 gauze screens, a fine honeycomb and a 9:1 contraction.
- The test section is 25mm x 250mm x 250mm and has a viewing area that can be illuminated by an integral strip light.
- Models are mounted in the viewing area on a rotatable support.
- Provision is made for a smoke rake immediately before the contraction. Smoke is produced by the atomisation of a heated, medicinal quality, white oil in an air stream.
- The resulting vapour is non-hazardous and gives a highly visible smoke ideal for photography. A basic set of models is provided.
- A technical manual including product description installation operation and maintenance manual


Dimensions and weight

1500 x 300 x 715 mm – 75 Kg


Essential requirements

Voltage : 220 V – 50 Hz