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In any region with clear skies, the solar radiation on a surface perpendicular to the direction of radiation can reach a power density of about 1 kW/m². By an appropriate choice of lamps and of a suitable optical arrangement, it is possible to achieve this power level.


The spectral distribution of the solar radiation and that of the artificial source are compared in the table below. It will be seen that the similarity is quite good, the radiative power in the range of wavelength 0.4µm < l < 2.2 µm being about 90% for the sun and about 76% for the artificial source.

Technical specifications

- Lamps :
Number : 6
Power : 1000 W each
Voltage : 220/380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Life : 2000 hours
Type : double envelope halogen
- Mirrors :
Material : special surface aluminium
Shape : parabolic
Radiation received by the mirrors is in part diffused and in part reflected to form a beam parallel to the axis of the parabola.

Note : Two-lamps elements of the solar source can also be supplied on request.


Dimensions and weight

- 1000 x 850 x 200 mm

- Weight : 50 kg


Essential requirements

220/380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases 6 kW