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The unit MP2041 is a refrigerant circuit consisting of a hermetic piston compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator.


The evaporator and condenser are transparent so that the transition between the phases on evaporation and condensation can be observed. The function of the float valve as expansion valve is also easy to observe.

A water circuit cools the condenser or book the cooling load for the evaporator. Flows (cold, hot and coolant water) can be adjusted and measured.With SES36, we implements low pressure (1.5 bar) which makes possible the use of glass safely. The refrigerant is CFC-free and is environmentally friendly.

Temperatures and pressures are displayed. In this way it is possible to identify the key characteristics of the cycle and to enroll in a diagram: log p,h. In addition, the capacity of the compressor and the flow

Teaching objectives

    Observe the evaporation and condensation of the refrigerant

    Represent and understand the refrigeration cycle in a diagram: log p,h

    Energy Balances

    Determination of the coefficient of performance

    Oil return in a submerged evaporator

Technical specifications

  • An evaporator in which the coolant is vaporized and removes a certain quantity of heat from the water circulating in the copper tube coil.

  • A hermetic compressor.

  • A condenser.

  • A pressure relief valve that allows the passage of coolant, liquid from the condenser, towards the evaporator by reducing pressure.

  • A porthole window placed between the pressure relief valve and the evaporator allows observation of steam formation during the period of rest.

  • Coolant SES36


  • Two pressure gauges.

  • Eight Pt100 sensors with a digital indicator

  • Two flowmeters


Option 1: Digital Wattmeter

Option 2: Rotameter for the coolant flow rate

Option 3: Acquisition module:
• Replacement of two gauges by piezometric sensors with analog output
• Interfaces 4-20 mA / RS485
• RS485 Converter - RS 432
• one OPC server
• Block diagram of the system

Essential requirements

  • Electricity supply: 220/240 V single phase 50 Hz + Earth

  • Water supply and drainage: 400 L/h, pressure 1 bar


Dimensions and weight

850 x 550 x 800mm – 50 kg