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The hydraulic power generator training kit PHP15 is designed for practical work in mechanical engineering. The support of these practical work is an external gear pump with axial balancing.



This kit, presented in a storage suitcase, contains:

- All the components constituting the pump,

- An assembly subset: input shaft, conical roller bearing, clampings and circlips,

- Spare parts components,

- The necessary tooling for assembly and disassembly operations,

- A set of files permitting the realization of practical work.


Theme of practical work:

- Characterization of the links,

- Guidance in rotation (smooth bearings and rolling),

- Tightness and protection of the links.

The pieces of this mechanism can also be used like examples for the study of materials.


Supplied documents:

- Technical file:

  • Documentation and setting in industrial situation,

  • General Drawing, nomenclature.


  • Experiment files:

- Lecturer file,

- Work station file,

- Student file (texts of practical work, answers documents and course).


  • CD ROM:

- Technical and educational file in Word format

- General drawing achieved with DMT software. Supply of the files in DMT10 version or

DXF format (Compatible AUTOCAD),

Drawings of the pieces achieved with the 3D CAD Solid Works and Inventor.


Dimensions and weight

560 x 410 x 175 mm - 18 kg.